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7 Must-Dos Before the End of the Year

Now that December has arrived, it’s time to make some smart moves to set up your company for an even better next year. Here’s my seven-point checklist for entrepreneurs at the year’s end:

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The 3 Secrets to Building Successful Third-Party Partnerships

Partnerships can be very useful to a startup. With the right company, you can expand your sales pipeline, gain access to otherwise cost-prohibitive infrastructure and generally minimize your risk in pursuing growth. However, the reality is that most business partnerships fail for one reason or another. For those interested in beating the odds with a

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The Truth Behind 12 Common Startup Funding Myths

The recipe for business success requires a dose of ambition and dedication, and a healthy portion of perseverance, but make no mistake about it, money is the ingredient that will ultimately make it sustainable. Funding a startup business, however, is a tricky proposition. It is even trickier with young and inexperienced entrepreneurs who mistakenly believe they can outthink

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What the Father of Lean Startup Thinks You Need to Start Up

In my first tech startup, we raised $1 million. I worked 20-hour days and used every ounce of blood, sweat and tears that I had. The stress even caused a fistfight with my co-founder. He’s much bigger than I am, so I bit his ear like Mike Tyson. (Sorry, Yoni.) After months and months of

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5 Lessons Learned From Successful Health-Tech Startups

Funding for health IT has reached more than $956 million in 2014, according to an October 2014 study by HIT Consultant, bringing with it an explosion of startups. Additionally, changes in our healthcare system have brought opportunities to grow health-tech startups in many fields. Many of them don’t make it. Check out these tips from

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Barbara Corcoran on How to Start Your Own Business on the Side

It’s often easier to start a new business while you’re still doing your day job, following a hunch that what you love might be just what a lot of customers out there are willing to pay for! I sit in the lucky position as an investor/shark on the popular ABC show Shark Tank where I

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