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16 Startup Trends That Will Be Huge in 2015

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has invested in some of today’ most talked-about startups, including Slack, Buzzfeed, and Instacart. Andreessen Horowitz has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in tech. Over on the firm’ website, its investors have shared 16 trends and themes they’re excited about this year. It’ a sort of State of

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The 4 essential ingredients for innovation

If we are to address the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges, we need to draw on our best renewable resource: human innovation. And for this, we need to embrace transformational innovation, make it part of our business culture. We should create an environment for experimentation and co-creation that supports bold and visionary new ideas.

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Businesspeople, Educators Seek Ways to Teach Students Entrepreneurship

At a time when fewer young people are starting their own businesses, some prominent businesspeople and educators are looking for ways to teach students to be more entrepreneurial. The latest initiatives often play down traditional tasks like creating a business plan in favor of preparing participants for broader challenges, such as how to get feedback

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Snowflake Entrepreneurs

A writer at the Economist raised the interesting point in a February 2014 article about who do we mean when we use the word entrepreneur. Is it the recent immigrant, who starts a self-sustaining, low-tech business, such as a dry-cleaners or a restaurant, and works mostly or completely by his or herself? Is it the

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How the U.S. Can Revive Its Entrepreneurial Vigor

This may sound odd, but the United States needs a revival in entrepreneurship. Venture capital funding is at levels not seen since the dot-com bubble, and angel investment has grown strongly as well. Startup valuations are astronomically high, with dozens of companies above the $1 billion mark, including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Jawbone. The data firm

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Investors Start To See Value In Looking To the Long Term

Environmental, social and governance issues moved to centre stage in 2014, and they will be even more central to investment strategies in 2015, says research group MSCI. Investors showed a growing appetite to address longer term risks and opportunities, “whether it is shifting regulations targeting the ‘tax gap’, a new market benchmark to define green

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