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To Grow Your Business, Get Beyond These 4 Entrepreneurial Cliches

The word “cliché” is defined as “a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.” We definitely see a lot of this in the entrepreneurship space. Since the explosion of the Internet, and in the last few years on social media, there has been an avalanche of advice about what

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Why Innovative Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Write Off The MBA

Nathan Furr recently published a thought-provoking analysis in Inc. on why the skills developed while obtaining an MBA are misaligned with the characteristics required for driving innovation. The article cites strong sentiment from leading investors and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Scott Cook, who believe that graduate school curriculums stunt innovation. As an MBA and an entrepreneur

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U.S. leads in technology innovation; don’t let other countries steal our secrets

The U.S. economy has undergone a major shift in the past 50 years. Because of our involvement in World War II, the United States established a pre-eminent industrial base. We essentially produced everything the world wanted. By exporting our goods, our economy thrived and our people collected high wages. This created a huge disparity in

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Why We Need Entrepreneurship 2.0

There will never be enough capital to satisfy all the world’s entrepreneurial hopes. Therefore financiers ration money. Lenders reject weak deals and offer loans for startups mainly when they are well collateralized or the loans are guaranteed by strong parties, such as the federal government. And early-stage VCs, who ration money for high-growth ventures, fail

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Venture Capitalist Eric Hippeau: Silicon Valley Builds Technology, New York City Applies It

Eric Hippeau is a venture capitalist and former CEO of the Huffington Post who, together with his partners at Lerer Hippeau Ventures, invests in and supports consumer technology startups. Based in New York City, Hippeau sees the Big Apple as a wonderful and resourceful hub for software and applied technology. He discusses the major similarities and

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TechFire Team

Keith Gordon is a recently retired Naval Aviator and ETC’s Director of TechFire. Prior to retiring from active duty Keith worked directly for the Chief of Naval Operations as his senior technology Fellow in the CNO’s Strategic Studies Group. Dan Roche is one of TechFire’s entrepreneurs-in-residence and TechFire’s “software technology” client mentor. He is a

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