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NSWC commander inspires innovators at Unmanned Systems Integration Workshop and Technical Exchange

DAHLGREN, Va. – Army Staff Sgt. Joshua Burnett envisioned his career after retiring from the U.S. Army last year – start up a company to rapidly deploy life-saving ideas, solutions and technologies to warfighters. Like many small business owners and entrepreneurs, however, he encountered a daunting Department of Defense acquisition process that could delay or

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Here’s what makes 500 Startups’ latest batch the future of entrepreneurship

Sitting in the audience at the 13th batch of accelerator 500 Startups yesterday, something in my brain ticked. There was a difference to this batch that I couldn’t quite place, but it was palpable. Then, I looked down at my notes and realized something: there was a significant number of female founders taking the stage and

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Dell Pushes UN To Adopt Entrepreneurship In Its New Global Development Agenda

If Dell CEO Michael Dell has his way, the next Mark Zuckerberg will not be born in the world technology capitol of Silicon Valley – rather, he might emerge from a developing economy beyond American borders, where an entrepreneurship ecosystem is still in its infancy. On June 26, his company kicked off an“#entrepreneursUNite” campaign to

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7 Reasons you should choose technology transfer as your next career

Intellectual property has come to the center of attention in every economy around the world. Universities are the heart of creating new inventions from the ground breaking research that they perform everyday. Technology transfer plays a critical role in transferring those inventions to the market in order to create products that touch our lives everyday.

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Do We Need A New Word For Entrepreneur?

Has the word entrepreneur become too trendy as to have lost its meaning? I’m hearing it and the word entrepreneurship being used in so many conversations incorrectly. Here’s a simple example. On a daily basis, I have an email exchange with someone who says they are an entrepreneur. I respond “What company did you start?” They respond,

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How Small-Business Growth And Entrepreneurship Have Powered New Orleans’ Post-Katrina Comeback

Nearly 10 years ago, Hurricane Katrina shone a spotlight on the major challenges the greater New Orleans region had been facing for decades: high poverty, structural unemployment, major population declines, a non-diversified economy and migrating businesses. All this meant that in the 40 years preceding, the area had underperformed the national average in job creation

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