About Us
TechFire leverages the professional expertise and reputation of its parent organization, ETC, a Maryland non-profit, 501 (C) (3) research and technology services company whose core competency is innovative science and engineering services for Department of Defense (DoD), academia, and the business sector.

TechFire is ETC’s approach to support a robust, regional economy through an innovation network that provides useful business solutions for technology startups and entrepreneurs.

TechFire’s strategy is to fuel technology-driven businesses by nurturing an entrepreneurial eco-system that creates innovative solutions for our stakeholders and Maryland, catalyzing regional economic diversification.

TechFire’s mission is to cultivate a collaborative and nurturing environment by providing support and resources to entrepreneurs and technology oriented businesses. TechFire has a special focus to support women, minority and veteran entrepreneurs, in order for them to become successful and sustainable companies that fuels Maryland economy.

Client success is TechFire success!

TechFire envisions a robust technological and innovative economy in Maryland that is fueled by women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses.

• Serve as a catalysts for new products and services that impact the global marketplace
• Foster public-private partnerships with entrepreneurs and government sector
• Enhance Maryland quality of life, work and community.