Building Collaboration

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Building Collaboration

The Army Research Lab has recently launched a new pilot program that would enable academia, industry professionals, and government employees to work more collaboratively. The Open Campus Concept (OCC) will develop an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and superior performance. It will also lead to the continuous flow of people and ideas to ensure transformative scientific discovery, innovation and transition that are critical to national security. ARL is capitalizing on the widely acknowledged model that innovation depends on bringing multiple disciplines together to engage in collaborative projects that often yield unpredictable, but highly productive results. By bringing together academia, industry and government, the Army believes it can enhance its performance through onsite R&D collaboration.


There are multiple benefits of getting involved with the OCC program. Besides unique access to facilities and shared human capital, the program exposes collaborators to new ideas and areas for collaboration, which could lead to joint proposal funding and support in the form of collaboration from ARL scientists and engineers. In addition to learning insight into S&T challenges that the Army faces, the career development and personal growth opportunity cannot be overlooked. The OCC is a novel opportunity that will increase public involvement and understanding of defense science, technology and exploration. It has the additional benefit of inspiring an entrepreneurial community in the process.

The pilot program plans to open their Adelphi, MD location first. ARL is conducting a recruitment campaign seeking the best visiting scientific partners in such disciplines as low dimensional electronics, multi-scale materials, biological sciences, cyber security, and other critical Army technology areas. ARL will be physically opening designated portions of ARL Adelphi Laboratory Center to local academic and industry partners. This Adelphi location spans three research buildings and includes access to ARL’s state-of-the-art clean room. The space will be dedicated to partners conducting unclassified fundamental research in materials, electronics and intelligent systems.


ETC and TechFire are proud to announce that we are collaborating with ARL to launch the Open Campus Concept and assist community involvement in collaborating within an ideal entrepreneurial ecosystem. ETC’s industry knowledge and partnerships with many local colleges and universities, will enable the team to play a fundamental role in the creation of this environment that will assist in technology transfer and conduct truly innovative research and development.


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