Invention Incubation Innovation

Innovation Map scaledInventions are not necessarily innovations – unless they scale and are adopted through the right markets and not all inventions make it. In fact, most don’t.  Understanding technological markets, helping our clients understand their unique edge and the strategic planning required to enter the right markets is essential this is integrated in our advanced incubation processes and services.  TechFire helps small business recognize risks, identify priorities, and understand market requirements so clients can proceed confidently penetrate the right markets and launch their technological inventions on the path to true innovation.

TechFire is focused on realizing innovations – yet, we view business incubation as a large step on the path to true innovation – and we know what small businesses are going through with their products, customers and back-office business concerns.  TechFire’s core competency and primary desire is to positively assist our client companies to achieve their strategic objectives.  Our unique TechFire brand is a hybrid model of best incubator practices and is designed to work collaboratively with our clients through all their business endeavors – whether  through initial planning or pre-incubation activities such as cutting-edge idea development, proof-of-concept, research, business education, connections, and partnerships or, through incubation activities and beyond – when a successful company is proceeding from incubation activities toward wider-scale adoption of their technology products.

While achieving innovation through technology is a worthwhile goal, we will help our client’s succeed first as a business, and move towards true innovation one milestone at a time.