Client Companies


MOOVR is a virtual reality location technology startup developing an adaptation for an omni-directional treadmill that was originally developed by the Army Research Lab (ARL). As envisioned, this enhanced treadmill will allow exercise enthusiasts to run naturally, at their own pace, while improving training effectiveness in a virtual reality world designed to replicate real-world challenges. MOOVR is currently developing a working prototype.

Intergalactic Education

Intergalactic Education is working toward uniting educators to teach the world about the exciting future humanity has in space. Intergalactic Education’s educational game will be as appealing to parents, teachers, and aerospace companies as it will be for kids and gamers alike.

3 Notch Chemicals

3 Notch Chemicals is dedicated to the maturation and commercialization of disruptive, friendlier-for-the-planet coatings technologies. 3 Notch Chemicals specializes in the development, treatment, and handling of metal powders.

Defense Architecture Systems, Inc

Defense Architecture Systems Incorporated (DAS) provides complete systems solutions for Defense and Civilian related technologies. DAS focuses on the rapid application of advanced technology to emerging challenges by emphasizing limited scale integration of technologies capable of independent evaluation and transition to full scale production and implementation.

Motobriiz, LLC

Motobriiz LLC (pronounced “Moto Breeze”) is a manufacturer of wind powered automatic chain oilers for motorcycles and was founded by a mechanical engineer and avid motorcycle rider in the USA. The idea was born out of a love of riding and an aversion to the all too frequent chore of manually cleaning the chain and the mess created by spray on lubes. Using the wind was a natural choice for powering the oiler because it is ever present when you ride. We decided that it was time to bring a simple, safe, reliable, and affordable automatic chain oiler for motorcyclists worldwide.

The Global McDuffie Group:

Providing world class comprehensive analysis and potential solutions for highly complex computationally based problems facing small to medium size business and government organizations globally.