How Steve Blank Weaves Entrepreneurship Into Journalism with ‘Lean LaunchPad’

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How Steve Blank Weaves Entrepreneurship Into Journalism with ‘Lean LaunchPad’

With rapid changes in technology, journalists are working harder than ever to keep up with cutting-edge developments. It can feel like a scary and uncertain time. Yet Silicon Valley veteran Steve Blank says this increased pressure has created room for journalists to occupy the front lines of business model design and consumer development and truly become innovators.

His take isn’t necessarily intuitive. The lines between entrepreneurship and journalism have only begun to break down and many university courses are beginning to weave together the strands of reporting in the public interest as well as breaking ground with technology.

Cue Blank’s Lean LaunchPad course. Lean LaunchPad is a hands-on class that integrates business model design and customer development into practice through customer interaction and business model iteration. As a retired entrepreneur-­turned-­educator, Blank currently teaches the class at Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia. He also offers a free online version of Lean LaunchPad through which more than 100,000 people have signed up for. EducationShift talked with Blank about his curriculum and why it could be an important addition to journalism education.

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