How to Leverage the Entrepreneur-in-Residence

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How to Leverage the Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Keith Gordon, Director, TechFire

TechFire entrepreneurs’ mission is to assist and mentor TechFire companies to achieve success in less time, with less resources. TechFire mentors include two EIRs:  Mr. John Sullivan and Mr. Daniel Roche. Both are serial entrepreneurs and have started numerous companies from scratch. They’ve built them into multi-million dollar organizations, many of which were either sold or taken public.  Both TechFire mentors are still actively operating businesses that serve commercial and government markets.

Meeting with the EIRs provides you an opportunity to get feedback on your product or service from experts who have been in your shoes and know what you are about to encounter. They will assist you in prioritizing critical objectives, giving you unbiased feedback on your risk profile as they coach you. You will undoubtedly benefit from their vast experience! Or, you can just chat about how great it is to be in business! — What a country!

If you are a technology business or if you haven’t discussed your business plan with one of TechFire’s mentors, I encourage you to give us a call and we will set it up.  Don’t miss out on this incredibly valuable opportunity to achieve your next success while avoiding heartache and expense.

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