Network Plug to the World_smallIt is no secret that well-formed connections and relationships will either make or break your business.  TechFire is your link to success in that regard. TechFire is not only an innovative business model in its own right, it is a well-formed innovation network that facilitates collaboration for technology businesses – especially when you need to quickly connect to the right people, technologies and processes, or, barter for services.

TechFire, will connect you through cyberspace or within our physical space to provide solutions you need.  Whether it is a virtual meeting with a Venture Capital firm from across the globe, or a lecture series that you want to catch from another county – we’re ready to assist your needs.  Join us, and your desired link will become a real connection – TechFire serves by connecting you to the right people and right organizations for success.

TechFire is an eco-system of choice for entrepreneurial cohorts, mentors, and service providers.  TechFire is your anchor for success.