Entrepreneurs in Residence

 Dan Roche EIRDan Roche

Dan has over 25 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience starting, building and leading both private and public companies in the technology and healthcare industries. Dan’s last CEO role was a turnaround and he has a proven track record in successfully identifying new product/service opportunities, building teams, leading sales, marketing and product strategy, securing strategic partners and lead customers, and executing numerous M&A transactions. Enjoys contributing to strategy, team-building/reorganization, compensation, strategic partnerships and M&A. He has specific skills in the mentoring of founder-executives, transitioning from start-up into growth, and guiding new strategic initiatives. Dan also on of TechFire’s entrepreneur-in-residence.



John Sullivan PictureJohn Sullivan

John is CEO and Founder of 6 successful Manufacturing start-up Companies over the past 25 years, where each company was sold to public trading companies or private investors once they became profitable. John developed a line of robots and built out a 60,000 sf Robotics factory in Maryland that made the #1 selling Candy in the World in its class. He also developed the #1 selling engine electronic Instrumentation that is currently used in NASCAR by all of the top driver for Pit road speed indication and driver safety and the World’s first alarm heart & lung bypass feedback machine for infants while at Georgetown University School of Medicine. John has designed over 50 US Patents and 10 pending in new low cost efficient energy sources with zero emissions, low cost graphene conductive wire and steel replacements. He has won 2 “Best Product of the Year” and 11 International awards for product designs at the Las Vegas Specialty Equipment Manufacture Association show. John is also, a business-to-business consultant to start-up companies, mentoring product development and Intellectual Properties, and serves as one of TechFire’s entrepreneurs-in-residence.