The 4 essential ingredients for innovation

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The 4 essential ingredients for innovation

If we are to address the world’s social, economic and environmental challenges, we need to draw on our best renewable resource: human innovation. And for this, we need to embrace transformational innovation, make it part of our business culture.

We should create an environment for experimentation and co-creation that supports bold and visionary new ideas. Few can do this alone. We need to increase collaboration between businesses, academia and the public and third sectors. And we must prepare young people to take the lead.

On National Inventor’s Day this year (2 December) we launched a report, the Invention Index. One of its findings was that schooling reduces young people’s propensity for inventiveness. As pupils move through secondary school, they are less likely to consider themselves inventive thinkers. Although more than half (54%) of 12 year olds consider themselves inventive people, under one-third (32%) of 16 year olds think the same.

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