Your Minimum Viable Product Is Doomed Without This

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Your Minimum Viable Product Is Doomed Without This

By definition, the minimum viable product mindset is restrictive. Your goal in building a minimum viable product is to test your idea as quickly as possible and that means making sacrifices.

There’s no room for fancy extras. It’s all about asking the tough questions: What can you get rid of? Can your users live without X or Y?

Adopting such a hard-edged attitude poses risk. Early adopters typically love being involved in the building and shaping of a great product from nothing. They’re beta testers, developers and first-wave team members who will forgive shortcomings and even report bugs so you can fix them.

But the next wave of users will not be so understanding. They will see news about your product on sites such as Reddit, BuzzFeed and Techli and demand a great experience. Users are particularly harsh with underperforming mobile apps. Research by Compuware in 2012 found that nearly 80 percent of some 3,500 users surveyed said they will retry an app only once or twice if it fails to work the first time.

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